Thursday, 26 July 2012

How to help youth?

There was recently an article in The Huffinton post on "How to Help Black Youth".

The article speaks to black youth specifically, but I think the idea is a universal one that applies to all educator-learner relationships.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Life Lessons from Unblock Me

I think many of us who have smartphones have tried out the addictive touch screen game 'Unblock Me'. In this 2D game, there is one red block surrounded by a number of brown blocks in a box. The purposed of the game is to move the blocks around in order the free the red block from the box through a small opening in the side.
I have had some fun fiddling around with this game and at times have gotten a bit frustrated, but I realized that this simple game has some lessons we can apply to life....


I recently watched this TED talk by Susan Cain on Introverts.

She says it very well in this talk. We should celebrate introverts. The world we live in is catered towards extroverts, and intoverts are seen as almost inferior to extroverts...